From the Willow Run Expressway, to I-94, to one of the first dedicated connected and autonomous vehicle corridors. ACM is excited to build on the legacy of innovation as a testing partner on a revolutionary project connecting the cities of Ann Arbor and Detroit that will provide new mobility solutions helping to make daily commuting safer, easier, and more efficient for everyone. American Center for Mobility’s president & CEO, Reuben Sarkar, is optimistic and excited, “Congratulations to Sidewalk Infrastructure Partners and Cavnue for the successful award of this project by the State of Michigan. Michigan’s mobility ecosystem is strong and progressive and poised for mobility-related advancements. From the automotive and technology companies that do business here, the innovative and forward-thinking academic institutions, to the State and regional leadership, this project is a great opportunity. The Michigan Connected Corridor is positioned to set standards for other connected and automated vehicle corridors to provide increased access and safer transit for commuters. ACM is excited to be a testing partner on this ambitious endeavor.”

Official announcement: LINK

Here is a preview of what the Michigan Connected Corridor might look like: