The American Center for Mobility continues to build on a legacy of innovation at the historic Willow Run site celebrating four years since opening one of the largest Smart Mobility Test Centers in the world. ACM continues to provide a safe and neutral platform where mobility companies convene to test vehicle technologies that increase transportation safety and accessibility for everyone. ACM thanks our stakeholders, partners and our mobility community for their continued support. Much more to come in 2022!

What we’ve accomplished so far:

  • 13,000+ On-Site Visitors
  • 500+ Companies is the ACM Mobility Community
  • $40m+ ACM-Related Research
  • Successful Completion of DOE Fuel-Efficient Platooning in Mixed Traffic Highway Environments Research Project
  • Completion of Off-Road Track Environment
  • Vehicle Labs at Capacity & Campus Growth Planning
  • Daimler Trucks Investment $3m
  • Toyota Campus Expansion $6m
  • End-to-End Complete Testing Support
  • Client Specific Driver’s Training Programs
  • Standards Committee Developed AV Standards Matrix & Test Recommendations for NHTSA AV Technology Standards
  • Testified in US Senate Transportation Sub-Committee on Driving Innovation
  • Virtual and In-Person CAV Technology Demonstrations

What to expect in 2022

  • ACM Autonomous Cloud
  • Partnership Marketing Opportunities
  • Networking Meetups & Virtual Events
  • Smart Parking Standards Committee