About American Center for Mobility

Our Vision

To enhance the quality of our lives through the enablement of future mobility solutions.

Our Mission

To transform the way industries advance safe, sustainable, and secure mobility technologies through our one-of-a-kind global development center.

Our Values

Infectious Enthusiasm– We want our stick-to-itiveness to our mission to be contagious and a catalyst for advancing the mobility industry

Reciprocity & Respectfulness– We are mindfully aware in our engagements with others and invest in relationships that endure and give back.

Growth Through Partnerships – Through our partners’ success, begets our success. Our ecosystem promotes prosperity.

Delivering on Commitments – We are accountable to our stakeholders and the commitments we make.

A Global Development Center for Mobility

ACM offers a one-of-a-kind global development center to transform the way industries advance safe, sustainable, and secure mobility technologies.

Located in Southeast Michigan on over 500-acres at the historic Willow Run site in Ypsilanti.  ACM offers: an Advanced Mobility Proving Ground with test environments featuring specialized infrastructure, equipment, facilities and resources; An innovation and technology campus with an industrial tech park for the co-location of mobility companies; Event and demonstration areas for showcasing mobility technologies and convening industry activities.

ACM offers:

An advanced mobility proving ground provides a safe platform for the integration, testing, and validation of connected, autonomous, EV vehicles, and mobility technologies

An innovation and technology campus for the co-location and incubation of mobility companies and activities

Event and demonstration areas for showcasing connected and autonomous vehicle technologies and convening industry activities

The American Center for Mobility is open to private industry, start-ups, government, standards bodies, and academia.

Accelerate the research, development, testing and validation process of mobility products and technologies in a safe and re-configurable environment

Support industry standardization and policy requirements of mobility products and technologies

Empower talent development through education and immersion with mobility products and technologies in partnership with our separate 501c3 ACM Foundation

News & Events

For press and media inquiries please contact our marketing & communications department: [email protected]



Pictured left to right: John Good, Ford; Stephanie Miello, Ford; Shawn Conrad, CAE, IPMI; Dave Onorato, CAPP, IPMI & Public Parking Authority of Pittsburgh; Bryan Martin, Ford; Michael Drow, CAPP, Parking Revenue Recovery Services; Dawn Thompson, ACM; Kevin Mull, Bosch; Sean Nelson, City of Detroit, Municipal Parking Department; Keith Hutchings, City of Detroit, Municipal Parking…

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ACM March 2022 Mobility Connect Updates


Find out what is happening at the American Center for Mobility in March 2022. Announcements, News, Events and Track updates: LINK

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Auto-ISAC Partners with GRIMM for First of Its Kind Automotive Security Training Program


Auto-ISAC Partners with GRIMM for First of Its Kind Automotive Security Training Program The innovative partnership will pilot test a training curriculum of best practices to leverage solutions and address infrastructure and automotive cybersecurity risks March 22, 2022 06:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time ARLINGTON, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–GRIMM, a forward-looking cybersecurity organization led by industry experts, announces…

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American Center for Mobility Innovation & Technology Campus What better place to locate an automotive R&D facility than where innovation happens every single day, at the American Center of Mobility (ACM) on the historic Willow Run site in Ypsilanti. Positioned in the center of SE Michigan’s transportation innovation and technology development, ACM offers access to…

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State of Michigan Announces Grants to Create a More Accessible and Electrified Mobility Future in Michigan


Funding will enable real-world testing of mobility solutions at the Detroit Smart Parking Lab LANSING, Mich. March 17, 2022 – The state of Michigan announced today two Michigan Mobility Funding Platform grants, which will enable enhanced real-world testing of mobility solutions. Mobility companies Arrive and WiTricity received a total of $85,000 to deploy and test…

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Successful Demonstration of the “Autonomous Street Sweeper” at ACM in Ypsilanti, Michigan


On January 18, 2022, Michigan USA, AMZ Sachsen and its partners Faun Viatec GmbH from Grimma (DE) and New Eagle (US) took part in a milestone meeting of the “Autonomous Street Sweeper” project – the first demonstration drive of the street sweeper – at the American Center for Mobility in Ypsilanti, Township. Project manager Thomas Keltsch (AMZ) and his colleague Alexander…

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Test Strategies for Adaptive Beam Headlights


Adaptive driving beam headlights (ADB) are set to be approved for use on American roads in 2023 as a part of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. The ACM powered by Intertek team is adept in supporting ADB test procedures with industry best practices. Revisit these practices in this past Webinar and connect with ACM…

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ACM Mobility Connect Updates: January 2022


Stay current with activities and news from the American Center for Mobility through the monthly ACM Mobility Connect Update. Webinars, CAV technology and products, insights, services and job opportunities. View January Updates

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INNOVATION: Automated Electric Vehicle Charging at the Detroit Smart Parking Lab


As the electric vehicle (EV) market continues to soar, use cases focused on where, when, and how automated fleets and vehicles will charge themselves are being explored. One charging option is to adapt automated parking opportunities into automated charging opportunities. Companies like HEVO, are now testing some of these automated charging technology concepts in the…

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ACM Partners and Industry Advisory Board

ACM’s approach is to achieve growth and prosperity for our ecosystem through partnerships. We are always seeking strategic partnerships that help enhance the capabilities and offerings of our global development center and provide value to our ecosystem of customers and stakeholders. Partnerships can include key customers, service partners, infrastructure & equipment providers, sponsorships, and long-term tenants.

Partnerships that meet a certain criteria  have the opportunity to be represented on the ACM Industry Advisory Board (IAB) where they play a significant role in helping to guide ACM's strategic direction by providing vital input on improvements to the facilityand services, implementation of new technologies & capabilities, development of industry standards &best practices, events, research, and industrial tech park.

ACM IAB Vision

Convene key leaders across the mobility ecosystem in order to shape the future state of ACM and to best service its stakeholders in changing the mobility landscape.

ACM IAB Mission

The ACM IAB’s mission is to bring investment partners together to gain their strategic and operational guidance on testing, standards, and education related to future mobility. Engaging diverse representatives from industries will lend ACM a unique lens into the rapidly evolving mobility space, provide guidance as the landscape changes, support ACMs intention to be a world class convener of the mobility ecosystem and facilitate connection and collaboration of partner organizations to advance technologies and capabilities in the space.

IAB Committees

The possibilities of collaborative activities through the development of committees within the IAB support further industry integration and the development of programs and solutions that can create the impact needed to move the industry forward. The IAB has two committees, with room for additional committees based on IAB request, including:

Standards Committee

As the industry continues to emerge and evolve, the ACM acts as a neutral convener of industry, standards and government organizations to collectively discuss and shape mobility technology best practices, standards and regulations.

Support Standards Development

Internal committee for IAB members


Participate in the accelerated development of standards and suggested regulation terminology concerning the evolution of the transportation industry and smart mobility technologies.

Participate in existing standards organizations focusing on mobility solutions

Partner with select actives and suggest direction and guidelines

Coordinate ACM utilization for standards verification and validation

Develop and maintain a global perspective

ACM Foundation

The ACM Foundation offers immersive hands-on programs and resources with access to ACM’s world-class global development center in partnership with academic institutions, philanthropic organizations, and other non-profits.  We offer education, training & professional development opportunities spanning from STEM K-12 to higher education and corporate training.  We offer a venue for hand-on training with advanced technology. We also an ideal location for others to host their educational events such as Challenges & Competitions.


Our vision is for a safe, sustainable, and secure mobility future supported by a world-class workforce.


Our mission is to uplift the next generation mobility workforce through education and training.